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My Passive Income Journal - over 120 articles about creating passive income, investing for income streams, creating your own private income, my personal wealth tips and thoughts.

My Passive Income Journal

3 Step Income Investing

Income investing is nearly a forgotten art, yet it has brought me a quiet confidence and increasing monetary freedom. Old money families have practiced income investing for centuries - I studied and applied that knowledge.

May Passive Income Journal

True Passive Income

Passive income methods and products are splashed all over the internet - most are not truly passive income methods. I discuss here what I deem to be true passive income and explain the steps I took to create true passive income.

About My Passive Income Journal

How To Build A Steady, Reliable & Truly Passive Income Stream

When we peel back all the noise, what we all need is income – steady, reliable, regular, passive, well diversified cash flow. Coins in our pocket every single day.


After researching for 10 years, it turns out that the answers best suited to me have been around for a very, very  long time. 

“Old money” people had the practical answers I was looking for.


The Passive Income Journal is where I regularly share it all. 



Hugh Walker

My Passive Income Journal

A Private Income Secret

As a child, I clearly remember overhearing a conversation where someone was described as having a "private income". I was utterly intrigued. I'm still am intrigued.

My Passive Income Journal

Financial Independence

Financial independence is pretty much done to death. Surely there is nothing more to write on the topic of financial independence - or is there? Here's my take on financial independence.

My Passive Income Journal Money Tips

My Wealth Tips

Here I share my wealth tips - things that have created "ah-ha" moments for me along the way. These things will move the dial.

My Passive Income Journal

5 Wealth Tips For My Children

A letter written to my children with 5 wealth tips

My Passive Income Journal

My Secret Formula to Get Rich

My secret formula to get rich is this: E x IR x ROI x T

My Passive Income Journal

The Triangle Of Wealth

Learn the ultimate wealth tip

My Passive Income Journal

5 Truths Of Income Investing

These truths are timeless for income investors

My Passive Income Journal

Earn More - How To Get Ahead At Work

Here is my brain-dump on sustainable and meaningful career progression.

My Passive Income Journal

Deal With Your Debt In 20 Small Steps

20 Small Steps To Be Rid Of Debt For Ever.

My Passive Income Journal

Passive Income From Dividend Aristocrats

In this guide, we explore the benefits of investing in dividend aristocrats for passive income.

My Passive Income Journal

How to Generate High Yield Income with Covered Call ETFs

A unique strategy that allows investors to earn a high yield (somewhere between 8% and 12% yield) while reducing investment volatility risk. Income investing has many strategies - this one is key.

My Passive Income Journal

How Investing $27 a Week From Day One Can Ensure Your Child Retires Rich

By investing just $27 a week from the day a child is born, you can set them on the path to a very comfortable retirement income stream.